7 Amazing Amla Benefits & Uses For Hair

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Amla is a magical fruit found in India. It is said to have multiple hair and health benefits. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Amla can be consumed during in pieces or in the form of an extract. It can be applied to hair to get beautiful looks. It prevents premature greying of hair and hair loss. Amla Benefits known since ages for its nourishing, strengthening and growth stimulating properties. Amla is also used in improving immunity. This all in one package is packed with power, health and energy.

Top 7 Amla Benefits You Should Know:

1. Heating with coconut oil

Amla oil has multiple benefits. It penetrates deep into the scalp hence strengthening the hair. Amla oil can be prepared by extracting Amla juice and heating it with coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil. Instead of juice, amla powder, easily found in the market, may be used. Apply the oil and massage. Leave it applied overnight and wash in the morning to look at Amla Benefits your hair by turning naturally silky and the greying is covered.

2. Mix Amla in the Henna Hair Pack

Mix amla in the henna hair pack just before application. The natural Amla Benefits do include blackening properties and boost the coloring of hair by henna to a darker shade. At the same time it conditions and strengthens the hair roots.

3. Juice extracted is a great start

Juice extracted from Amla is a great start to a day when it consumed in an empty stomach and the body is free from digestive disorders, body is up for a beautiful skin and beautiful hair. The juice can be stored in a bottle for a long period of time without damage. Amla juice is a great way to prevent prematuring of grey hair.

4. Murabba Hair Benefits

Another delicious way to consume Amla for its multiple hair and skin benefits is to make a jam or a murabba. This again can be stored for extremely long durations without worries of expiration and the Amla benefits can be enjoyed for avoiding graying of hair.

5. Bitter Gourd

Extract juices from both the vegetables and apply to hair. You may also consume it for amazing digestive restorations. Bitter gourd is a natural cleanser. Applying this combination for 15 minutes and then washing off gives great results.

6. Shikakai (Acacia Concinna)

Soak a few pods of Shikakai and Reetha in a jar overnight. Soak and boil amla separately in a jar. Mix the extracts immediately before washing hair. This prevents greying of hair and provides great strength.

7. Mixed Decoction

Soak amla for few hours and add a spoonful of eucalyptus or coconut oil. The mixture is stored in an iron container overnight. Add egg, lemon and curd to the extract and apply to the hair for 15 minutes. This Benefits hair pigmentation naturally and effectively.

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