5 Tips for Beautiful Lip

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Lips make the most essential part of our face, especially when it comes to make-up. Our lips prevent insects and other infections from entering our mouth and help us articulate our speech. They are the gateway to what we eat and what we drink. Lips also stop us from talking (a lot!). There are many ways to protect our beautiful lips and keep them super soft.

Here are few Beautiful Lip Tips:

Beautiful lip

1. Never Lick Your Lips

Licking our lips can make them dry or make our beautiful lips chap. If you already have chapped lips then licking them may worsen it.

2. A Lip Scrub Does It With One Rub

Just like the facial skin, it is important to make sure that we exfoliate our lips. By rubbing some amount of toothpaste in circular motions, helps remove dry flakes from the lips. Once the dry flakes are removed, apply some honey and olive oil in equal parts. Wash off after some time. Create a lip scrub using sugar, coconut oil and a strawberry drink mix for flavor. Scrub gently on lips and wash off. Use this method twice a week for super soft lips and cleaning off the dirt from the lips.

3. Eat But Not To Cheat

If you eat a lot of spicy food or extremely salty foods your lips may dry out because of the impact caused by the two items. Reduce on spicy food and salty food and replace it with moisturizing food like fruits and water. If you are unable to avoid spicy food then make sure you moisturize them with soothing balms and lotions.

4. Use This Not That

Avoid lip balms in the market. Make one of your own using natural products. Plan to use non-flavored lip balms. Replace matte based lipsticks with cream based ones. This will keep your beautiful lips moisturized and will help avoid extra dryness.

5. Honey And Moisturizing

Keeping the lips moisturized is the key to keeping the lips soft. If it is possible to keep a humidifier inside the house, do it. This will keep the air less dry. Apply some honey to lips before going to bed. Wash off after 15 minutes and moisturize using a cream or oil of your choice. Applying it daily before bed will ensure baby soft and good looking beautiful lips.

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