5 Secrets for Beautiful Lips

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If we sit to define what beautiful lips are, we may be short of words. In fact, everyone has a different perspective for beauty. It’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Some believe it is inside. Some believe that it is on the face. For all those who believe that, also know what part lips play to make you look more beautiful. Sometimes we neglect lip care due to so many things to focus on. You may be well dressed and well lit up but if you have chapped lips or if you have untouched lips then you give yourself away immediately.

Below Are Few Secrets For Beautiful Lips For All Time:

Beautiful lip

1. Clean

Keep your lips clean at all times. This means avoiding any grime that you leave after eating. Wash your mouth after a meal or when you eat something. Remove any dryness or flaky skin from the lips to keep them soft and supple. Clean it with raw milk and immediately after washing, moisturize them. You may use a little amount of toothpaste and massage in circular motion on your lips for 5 minutes and Wash off. Another effective way to keep it clean is to scrub with Vaseline applied in a soft baby brush. This removes all the flakiness and keeps the lips moisturized all time. Whenever you apply lipstick, make sure you have it removed before 12 hours. All the dirt that sticks on it is consumed. This is unhygienic and may cause illnesses.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is equally important for lips as cleaning. Today you step out in the pollution almost every single day. There is enough dust and radiations in the environment to make your lips dry. A nice scrub made from sugar, honey and coconut oil or sugar and olive oil, is something your lips will love. Wash after scrubbing for some time. Scrub atleast twice a week.

3. Protect

Protecting the lips is again an important task. There are easier ways to do it. Cover them when you go out. This will protect from all the dryness and dirt. It will also keep the lips away from tanning. Keep it moisturized at all times by applying Vaseline or a non-flavored lip balm. Avoid licking the lips. Avoid lip balms available in the market. Use good products as your lips are very delicate.

4. Soothe

If you have been eating spicy food or have eaten spicy or salty food, it is likely to appear on your lips in the form of dryness. You can soothe it by using jojoba oil, olive oil, moisturizing cream or Vaseline.

5. Prevent

Preventing things which will take away the beauty of your lips is the easiest way to keep your lips soft and beautiful. Drink lots or water and use a humidifier or a humectants like honey. Once you have achieved softer and beautiful lips, make sure you do not let them be dry or ugly again.

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