Marilyn Monroe Beauty Secrets

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Marilyn Monroe was famous for her beauty secrets, her shapely curves and her confidence. There is no way she got them all straight without putting any efforts. Even after 50 years of her death, she is still a damsel for all those who admire her. Women have been trying to mimic her but there were those beauty secrets of hers, which made her stand out from all.

Here are few beauty secrets of Marlilyn Monroe that you never knew:

1. Curves

Marilyn followed a strict diet which included a protein rich breakfast, skipping lunch, an ice cream evening snack and a meaty breakfast with vegetables. For her breakfast, she added two raw eggs into warm mill and whisked it until frothy. She would sip it all the while she is getting ready to leave. However, it is strongly recommended now that skipping lunch is not that great an idea, as we may not be working as hard as Marilyn and sitting at one place doing our job. Addition of more proteins and less starch is the key points we take from her diet, to avoid going to gym altogether and still have great curves. The lean meats which she broiled for dinner are also rich in proteins. Supplementing the meat with vegetables like carrots is a great way to fiber out the body and stimulate better metabolism. A protein rich diet also allows you to enjoy, the guilty pleasures of ice cream snacks without losing that curve! A building in Canada is named after her curves – Marilyn Monroe Towers!

2. Eyes

This beauty Secret icon always ensured that she had her cat eyes stand out with the help of an extended liner. She applied temporary false eye lashes which gave her more voluminous look to her eyes. The trick was to curl the original ones, so that the false eyelashes stuck to the original ones more easily. They gave a more extended look to the eyes giving it more of a feel of seductive cat eyes. Basically, the curled lashes worked as hooks and provided more volume to the eyelashes. Marilyn sported her looks with arched eye brows, which is the normal trend among most of the actresses we see today. Once you have a shape in place, it is easier to maintain them on your own.

3. For Her Radiant Skin

The first Beauty Secret to get that radiant glow on the camera was to apply Vaseline under the foundation. Marilyn’s artists applied a nice coat of Vaseline which made her skin glow in the lights. Vaseline was also a way to keep the skin moisturized and prevent the skin from any kind of effects from the use of cosmetics. Marilyn bleached her facial hair. This gave a soft golden glow to her cheeks whenever light flashed on her. This however is not the best way to get that false glow. Her artists always highlighted her cheeks and contoured the hollows in her face, to give a thinner nose and bring out that beautiful heart shape of the face. Beside all this, Marilyn always kept her face moisturized. An all-purpose cream and a repair balm were used on the day time and night time respectively. They were used to diminish the blemishes on her skin.

4. Hair

It was the different hair color apart from the brunettes and blondes that made Marilyn stand out from the rest. If you have a fair complexion then the platinum hair sported by her, can boost the look of your hair altogether. Marilyn always experimented with her looks on the hair with wigs or cutting them short. A hair accessory would also give a great upgrade to the overall look.

5. Lips

Marilyn never shied away from the fresh coral colors and pinks. However she always sported reds as her favorite. To make her lips plumper and provide a cleaner shape to her lips, her artists layered up her lips with multiple shades from light to dark alternating them with several glosses. This ensured that the lips were not only plump but the color stayed on for most of the day. The trick was also to keep the lips moisturized.

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