10 Best Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

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There is a tremendous difference on the way professionals work for runway and for celebrities. We often wonder what we are doing wrong. Here are a few Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls straight from the professionals.

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls: Here you can find Skin care, Hair Care & Eye Makeup tips

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Glowing Skin: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

1. Sugar is an unavoidable sin. Do not avoid it, eliminate it on early mornings and late night before bed, says one of the celebrity professionals. Sugar causes dehydration a few hours after its consumption. If you eat it early in the morning, you end up dehydrated during lunch. This may even want you to crave for more sugar. If you eat sugar or sweets before going to bed, you may end up waking extremely dehydrated.

2. Controlling sun damage is essential for the Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls. This may have adverse effects in the long run. Sun damage may scrape of the natural protective abilities of the skin, and cause irreparable damages. Hyper pigmentation is another problem that may occur with time. An anti-oxidant based serum can be helpful in lightening the spots and blemishes. They also fight free radical damage on the skin.
3. Experts say that consuming too many dairy products, caffeine, soy and sugar are not good for the Glowing skin. Soda and cow milk can be easily replaced with water and almond milk. Go for an antioxidant based green tea, kale and other dark leafy greens, and salmon. The results can be seen in a month.

Hair Care: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls
4. Most of us do not shampoo correctly. Rinsing off the entire shampoo and conditioner is a trouble task to do. This makes the hair less shiny and heavy. To eliminate the damage caused by residual shampoo and conditioner in the scalp and hair, experts advise to add five drops of vinegar to a bowl of water, and apply the solution to hair. This will bring out the shine of hair and reduce heaviness.

5. Application of hair oils is important but, there is yet another right way of doing it. Oils must be applied just enough to lock in the moisture in hair. They must be washed off. Applying too much hair oil or too many times a week, may cause the oil to settle and layer on the hair. This will prevent any further oil therapy from penetrating in that helps lock moisture.

6. Washing hair in repetitions is an old school thought as per our experts. If you still wash hair in the apply shampoo, rinse shampoo and repeat process then you are doing it all wrong. For ladies who wash their hair twice or thrice a week, repetition may cause abrasive damage to hair and may lock out moisture causing them to become frizzy.

Make The Eyes Stand Out: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls
7. It is recommended to invest in a good set of tools for make-up. The basic brushes which may be required are fluffy powder, foundation, precision angle, concealer, blush and lip. You may not require anything more than that. These are the best friends and must be used correctly for expected results.

8. When it comes to color of the eyes, opposite colors always go best. This makes the eyes stand out. For example, if you have green eyes, a shade of red would be an opposite color and would do well to pop out the color of the eyes. Choosing red means going for plum colors or wine colors. If you have blue eyes, orange and gold may be stand out colors, providing more highlight to the blue of your eyes. Blue and reds go opposite to browns.

9. Concealing under eye circles is a tricky approach. The approach used by professionals is to apply the concealer in a narrowing from the corner of the eyes to the cheek. Once completely blended, the dark circles may be concealed most effectively. Always remember that opposite colors must be used to hide the prevalent colors. If you have a bluer shade of dark circles, a redder concealer may do a better trick. Using a lot of under eye makeup, may end up in wrinkles and fine lines eventually. The better way is to always mix the concealer with moisturizer. This also ensures maximum coverage.

10.Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls: Use a brush to apply compact powder. Using sponge and puffs may give a more caked up look and may not spread out evenly over the face. Using a brush, helps you apply the powder all over the face with least chances of a miss. A light dusting before the makeup is the best approach.

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