Body Shaping Exercises | 7 Ways To Improve Your Body Shape

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Body shaping exercises is the reflection of your perception, about your body. You may feel you are perfectly in shape but to others it may appear the opposite. You may feel that you have the right posture, but in reality you may have developed a serious postural defect. If you feel you are overweight, you do not have to go through rigorous weight loss regimes like a strict diet or intense cardio exercises to show immediate results. There are many ways in which we can improve our body appearance but you need to know your body shape and exercise accordingly.

Body shaping exercises Tips:

Use below mentioned body shaping exercises steps to workout routines for women and get better body shape.

1. Exercise

body shaping exercises
This is the obvious way and the least complex of all. Spend 30 minutes every day for cardio body shaping exercises. Go for a walk or a jog, treadmill or yoga. This improves posture and makes you feel more aware of your body and appearance. You may start loving the way your body functions. It is important to feel comfortable in your own skin.

2. Know Your Body Shape And Exercise

body shaping exercises
It is important to know what the real body shaping exercises is. This will help you understand reality and let you dress up in the same way. The most common body shape types are the ‘pear shape’ where women carry some extra weight around the bottom, hips and thighs region. ‘Oval’ means excess weight around the belly. ‘V shape’ is where the shoulders and chest are broad but you slim down at the bottom. The classic hourglass figure needs no explanations.

3. Focus On Your Best Features And Hide The Flaws

Try to highlight your best features so that it draws attention. Hide your flaws by avoiding things that may bring focus to them. If you have beautiful hair, then condition and keep them clean. Apply some hairpins that attract attention towards the hair, than any other part you do not want people to see. If you do not want your double chin to be seen, then wear a v neckline and flaunt it so that the attention is more towards the neckline.

4. Always Smile

However ugly you may think you are, a bright and welcoming smile will always lighten up the appearance and your face. People would like to notice a smile that can never be “not beautiful’. The real beauty is not on your physical appearance but in yourself, in your lively spirits and that smile which brightens up your face.

5. Dress

body shaping exercises
Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Never go out of your comfort zone to satisfy your urge to look good in them. We are made for different clothes and we must learn to appreciate them. Remove clothes that do not fit; clothes which you have bought for the time when you will get slimmer. Store away too small clothing and make some space for clothes you will enjoy wearing.

6. Live Assertively

This allows you to speak out what you feel in the most comfortable way. This ensures that you keep your opinions straight, demand your rights without barging into the rights of others. Assertiveness inculcates respect for your own self and lets you be who you are, what your likes and dislikes are and who you are than who you want to be.

7. Eat Healthy

body shaping exercises
DO NOT diet. You are positive about the diet bouts that you go through, but they have long term risks. If you go on a diet, you are likely to put on more weight after you are out of it. Eat a healthy balanced meal with all required nutrients. Cut off junk food, fast food and trans fats from the diet. Increase the intake of fruits whenever you feel craving for junk food. Try out best workout for your body shaping exercises accordingly.

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