Do’s And Don’ts To Apply A Bright Lipstick

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Bright lips look hot and sexy. Trending back in after the late 70’s, bright lips are what everyone wants to try atleast once. If you do not go by the right way, you may end up looking more clumsy than confident. If your lipstick runs off in the middle of the day, your charm and effort is lost. Even the gorgeousness you carried for some time is given away. There are a lot of factors which matter when you are planning to go for that bright lipstick into the sun or under a canopy.

Here are few tips on how to apply bright lipstick for perfect look:

bright lipstick

1. Go With The Season

It is important to wear clothes and shades with season. Autumn colors will make you want to go for more of purple and wine red colors. Wearing a bold yellow or red in rainy season may give away the look and attention you always wanted. Going by occasion is good but going by season is better enough.

2. Make It Go With The Attire

Selecting the right shade to make it go with the attire is again a beneficial way to make sure you are on the right track to bold lips serving their purpose. A right color of dress or the right attire matters a lot. If you are going with a shaded saree then go with a bright color which is more subtle in the saree. This will make sure you are not completely orange or completely pink from top to bottom. In these occasions, bright colors help you tone down from the grandeur of one single color you are carrying. Make sure that if you are going for monochromes then the lip color and shoe color must match. This provides depth to the overall look.

3. What’s With The Nails?

Try to match or contrast completely, the nail shades with your lipstick. If you are going for a bright red lipstick, make sure you bring the nail paint closer to that red. A bright bold look enhances every time you bring your hands close to your lips to smile or eat.

4. Eyes Make All The Difference

When going for a bright lipstick, make sure that you choose a minimal makeup for your eyes. Lips must be the point of attention and not eyes. If you bold up the eyes too bright then this may steal some of the jazz from the lips. The overall appearance may look too bright or too dispersed.

5. Are You The Right Choice Baby?

Choose the right bright color according to your skin tones. You may want to go for bright reds and pinks for pinkish overtones. For yellow overtones you may want to go for some standout colors. If you have a darker shade then goes for bright shades of plum. There are thousands available in the market.

6. Lip Liner And You

Applying a lip liner before applying any bright lipstick will make the color on lips last longer. If you apply only the lip liners then that may help the color last even longer. It is important to choose a lip liner a shade darker than the actual color.

7. Keep It Intact

It is important to keep the color in place. A patchy lip at the end of the day or a meal may take away all the glam. Double coat the color by applying some powder between two coats. Make sure you have blotted the color before applying the powder. The longer the color stays, the better the impression.

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