7 Careful Tips To Follow While Cleaning Ears

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‘Ears’, like all other sensory organs, is the most delicate and important parts of our body. How it looks is secondary, but how it functions, is of utmost importance. You must ensure that, cleaning ears is part of your regular practice. Once damaged, the outcome is irreplaceable. ‘Cerumen’ or ‘ear wax’ is a natural ear cleaner and enables our ear to self-clean itself. The absence or less production of ear wax may require some cleaning. Ear wax transports to the ear opening by chewing and jaw motion.

Please Go Through With Below Tips Before Cleaning Ears:

1. Do no use Cotton tipped sticks, pins and corners, which are the usual trending objects we use to clean. However, these are a strict “No-No”. Ears do not require manual cleaning, unless you feel there is earache, or partial hearing loss. If you hear a constant ringing noise in your ear or feel itching, then cleaning ears may be required.

2. Cleaning ears with oil: Take a few drops of mineral or baby oil, place it in your ear. This lubricates the dried up ear wax and helps in its transfer to the ear opening.

3. Cleaning ears with detergent based solutions, like ‘hydrogen peroxide’ and ‘carbamide peroxide’ are also helpful in cleaning of ‘ear wax’. Apply the ear prone solutions, as the consistency of the solutions is different and moderate.

4. ‘Irrigation’ or ‘ear syringing’ is the most preferred and safe way to clean ear wax. You can easily get an irrigation kit from the market. Water and saline are the most common fluids used in water irrigation. This helps in dissolving the ear wax in water, and removing it from the ear canal simultaneously. Do not irrigate your ears, if you have diabetes.

5. Manual removal of ear wax, by microscopic instruments is another effective way to get your ears cleaned. You can go for this treatment, if you have a narrow ear canal.

6. Stop manual or at-home treatments immediately, if you have earache, green or smelly liquid oozing out of your ear. Only an ENT specialist can be consulted in such cases.

7. Always clean your ears outside and let earwax do the rest of the work inside. Your ears are precious and let them do their own natural way of cleaning ears.

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