7 Effective Sandalwood Face Packs

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Since ages, sandalwood is used in India, not only for its smooth wood qualities but also its therapeutic qualities. This exquisite wood is found mainly in Southern India. Sandalwood is smooth, soft and imparts a fragrance famous all across the world. It is used in medicines, wood carvings and all Hindu rituals. Applying a dot on the forehead imparts a cooling effect, which is said to relieve stress and keep the mind cool in return. Because of its smoothening and cooling properties, sandalwood face pack is extremely effective for skin and has profound benefits on an oily skin with pimple and acne.
For face, you can use sandalwood powder found easily in an Indian market or you may choose to buy a stick, which when rubbed with water on stone yields a smooth paste.

Here Are A Few Ways In Which You Can Use Sandalwood Face Pack For A Great Skin:

sandalwood face pack

1. A Smooth Journey – Sandalwood With Water

Rub Sandalwood stick in water until it yields a smooth paste. Apply it on a clean face and let dry. Wash with cold water. Sandalwood absorbs heat and tightens the skin. The results are amazing. You may also use sandalwood powder and mix in water estimating the correct consistency.

2. The Creamy Scrub – Sandalwood Face Pack With Almond Powder And Raw Milk

Mix one part Almond powder with 2 tablespoons of raw milk. Add 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and with the desired consistency apply the scrub-like pack on your face. Almond reduces wrinkles while sandalwood cools and raw milk cleanses. This is a great therapy.

3. Turmeric And Sandalwood – Partners In Crime(A Good One)

These have always been together. A would be bride is always applied with this mixture all over her body as part of a ritual called ‘Haldi’. The right degree of heat and cool is what can be desired out of this mixture. Add some turmeric to the sandalwood face pack and apply on your face. The results are glorious! Sandalwood reduces oiliness and Turmeric heals roughness and dead skin.

4. Gram Flour (Besan), Rosewater And Sandalwood – The Classic Combo

This mixture turns out to be a smooth creamy scrub which has been used as a homemade sandalwood face pack for ages, in India. In a smooth paste of Gram flour with a little raw milk and rose water, add sandalwood powder. Apply it on your face and wash out when dry. The results are instant smooth skin and a beautiful glow. If you are suffering from scars, add few drops of coconut oil to the pack. Gram flour works on tightening the skin while rose water provides the necessary moisture.

5. Orange Peel And Sandalwood – The Lost Brothers

Orange peel is said to contain a rich source of Vitamin C. This is not only good when consumed, but also when applied on skin. You can dry the left over orange peel and make a powder of the same. You can plan to add it to your drinks or to your face packs. Add equal parts of orange peel and sandalwood powders to water. Orange peel may not completely blend in water. Apply this textured paste to your face and allow it to dry. Wash with cold water for superior results.

6. Cream (Malai) With Sandalwood – Too Much Smoothness

This is a good face pack even for oily skins. Make a sandalwood face pack with cream obtained from the top of the milk. Mix some sandalwood powder to it and add a spoonful of water. Once a smooth paste is obtained, apply it to your face. Wash it in 15 minutes. The results are spectacular!

7. Sandalwood With Honey

Honey is the famous humectant. It not only retains moisture, it also closes the pores. Sandalwood cleanses and cools. Apply this rich mixture and enjoy the benefits of a winkle free glowing skin.

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