7 Benefits of Fish Oil Weight Loss | Fish Oil Supplements

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Before we talk about fish oil weight loss and its benefits, let’s understand what Omega-3 is and why it is important for us. There are different kinds of fatty acids available for human consumption. The two most important fatty acids required by the human body are the polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6. The only source of these is food. Omega-6 is extracted from plant oils such as soybean, sunflower, corn etc. Omega-3 is found in the fatty layers of fishes such as salmon, mackerel and tuna. Oils extracted from nuts contain Omega-3 in lesser quantity if compared.

1. Lose Fat And Build Muscle:

When I say building muscles it means you plan to get rid of all that jiggles. Studies show that consuming two capsules of fish oil weight loss daily helps lose fat and build muscle. All this is achieved without exercises.

2. Fish Oil Weight Loss Decreases Appetite:

Fish oil helps in the regulation of a chemical called Serotonin, released in our body. This not only has anti-depressant benefits but also makes you feel fuller for a longer time. This helps you reduce your appetite for food on how much is consumed for a single meal.

3. Fish Oil Weight Loss Makes A Diet Program More Effective:

Again proven by nutritionists. They lead two people to follow the same diet to lost weight along with daily workouts. One had fish oil capsule along with the designated diet. Her results were better.

4. Minimizing Fat Storage:

Fish Oil Weight Loss: Fish oil helps increase insulin sensitivity which is the key to lose weight. This in return reduces the amount of fat stored in our body.

5. Fish Oil Gets You Rid Of The Leptin Problem:

Consuming enough Omega-6 and no omega-3 results in the leptin problem where the body is unsure about your food intake. “It wants more food at odd times”. A good dosage (two capsules a day recommended) is a great way to get rid of the leptin problem.

6. Fish Oil Improves Metabolism:

The better the metabolism, the better is the digestion. The better the digestion, the better is the weight loss.

7. Fish Oil Ensures Omega:

3 Has designated spots in your body – Omega -3 requires a spot in your body where it can lie and make an impact. For a long period if you have been avoiding it, the spot is taken by Omega-6. This means you need relatively more Omega-3 for your body. Once such spots are identified, the stored fats help in keeping the body balanced and at an optimum weight, naturally.

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