7 Easy Ways For Flat Stomach In A Month

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No one likes to be fat. Fat around the tummy makes us look clumsy and careless. You try not to buy that favorite dress you have been longing to wear, just because your tummy is not tuck in. There are many simple ways, where you can get rid of the extra fat in the tummy area. To start with, it requires “Commitment” and “Will Power”. It takes time and effort to reduce your fat tummy to a flat stomach, as much as it takes you to acquire that weight.

Flat Stomach: Simple Ways To Flatten Your Tummy In A Month

1. The Body Wraps For Flat Stomach

Spas use it. Mash a papaya and add some coconut oil. Apply on the tummy region and wrap tightly, using a cling wrap. Leave for 45 minutes. The result is an instant reduction of “2” inches. You may also go for shape wear inner garments, which are highly elastic clothes to keep your body in shape. Make sure, you put them on only for few hours.

2. Detoxification

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Drink warm water with lemon and honey every morning, when you wake up. You may also add cinnamon. Make your own detox drink using materials of your choice and soaking them overnight. It is essential to detox and remove the toxins from the body, which clog up the pores of the skin and deposit fat on those regions. Drink lots of water. Lots!

3. Cutting It Down

Cutting down on all the unhealthy eatables, will help cut down the belly fat faster. Avoid alcohol, meat and salt. All these are your true enemies, when it comes to endeavors for losing weight. Make sure you reduce foods with Transfats and fast foods. Avoid rice. Cut down on the sugar intake and artificial sweeteners. Avoid Sodas, if you are trying for a flat stomach.

4. Take The Long Cut

For a short cut to reducing belly fat, walk a little farther. Take a longer route, if you are going to the bathroom. Take stairs, instead of elevators whenever possible. Make sure you increase the number of steps you take every day. If possible, install a step count app on your phone and check how much you walked. Get on a break, once every hour or 30 minutes and take a small walk.

5. Make It Difficult

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If you achieve your goal, make your activities even more difficult. If you are doing stretches, then try to stretch a little bit more. This has a great effect on health, as well as helps in changing your attitude towards fighting with problems. If you find it difficult to find time for exercises, then count your hours and activities. You will surely get a window, where you can give 30 minutes for a good workout.

6. Swimming

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There is no better exercise than swimming to get a flat stomach. If you know swimming, then you already know what I am talking about. If you do not know how to swim, then there is a good chance for you to learn something new and to lose weight. Do not eat an hour after or before swimming.

7. Sleep Well

Make sure you have enough sleep. Excessive sleep is not good for health. Less sleep is bad too. Drink a glass of water, before you go for bed for a “Good Night” sleep.

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