7 Healthy Foods To Gain Weight

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Foods To Gain Weight is not only the extra fat ones, extra tall ones or the extra short ones who become the point of interest. Anyone who is 15-20% under a normal weight is considered as underweight. By increasing the number of meals, and increasing the number of calories and proteins in your diet, one may increase weight. Consider having 6 meals a day and a physical workout to gain weight.

The Following 7 Super And Affordable Foods To Gain Weight Quickly:

Foods To Gain Weight

1. Meat:

Lean red meat, especially beef, is extremely calorific. If you do not prefer red meat, chicken is a good alternative. Although, experts may recommend fat rich meat but it comes with its own constraints. Red meat is not only calorific; it is rich in cholesterol which may have long lasting impacts. You must choose to include meat in your diet carefully. Meat served as foods to gain weight is a good option.

2. Beans, Legumes and Grains

The biggest challenge for our vegetarian friends is to find alternatives which inculcate similar results as meat, for foods to gain weight fast. Adding beans and legumes to the diet is a great way to have a protein rich meal. Beans and Legumes are best to be included in mid-day meals. Add a good dose of multigrain bread in the morning breakfast and rice for lunch or dinner.

3. Dairy products

 Foods To Gain Weight
Rich in calcium and fats, dairy products must not be neglected when you are planning a diet to gain weight. Milk, cheese and yogurt not only boost energy but can be tasty way foods to gain weight. A healthy milk shake or a cheese sandwich for breakfast or evening snack is the right way to go. If you prefer curd, add some sugar.

4. Nuts

These are silent power banks which we usually neglect. These mini shells are a great source of fiber, protein, and calories. Including nuts in the regular meals is a crunchy and tasty way to increase metabolism and at the same time, trigger weight gain.

5. Homemade smoothies and spirulina

Make a rich smoothie with ingredients of your choice. Make sure you include oats, bananas, avocadoes, milk, eggs, and spirulina and consume it after a good workout. This is a better and natural way with affordable ingredients than the health supplements found in the market.

6. foods to gain weight – Soy Milk and Tofu

It is known that Soy is an amazing source of protein when it comes to vegetarians. Soy milk and tofu are a good replacement to cheese and milk, if you prefer to replace them. It is recommended to take these in addition to dairy products for better results.

7. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of calories and proteins. Try including at least two eggs in your morning breakfast or snack to get the right amount of hike in healthy foods to gain weight.

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