7 Hair Coloring Mistakes You Make at Home

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Hair Coloring not only helps you change the way you look but also claims the dare quotient. It is a huge commitment to time and money, to visit a beauty parlor to color your hair. You can surely do it at home.Make sure you read these before you grab your fantasy hair color box to try at home:

Here are a few tips for Hair Coloring before you get started

1. Do Not Go By The Images On The Box

Do not try and imagine you will look exactly like the picture on the box. You cannot determine what the shade of the model’s hair was before she dyed them. Go with a coloring guide of your own. Imagine how you will look with that color. Usually, fairer skin looks more natural on lighter shades. Sometimes, light eyed women go natural with lighter shades.

2. Choose A Shade Which Makes You Look Natural

Go for shades which are within two shades of your natural color. It is not only difficult to go shades lighter at home but also not recommended. Home color kits may not be as strong to bring about a radical change to your hair color. It is not recommended because the chemicals may have adverse effects to your hair. So be realistic. To make sure you chose the best color, try on a wig which already has the desired color. This may give you a fair idea of how you will look like. Going darker is much better than going lighter. Another quick advice is to go for a shade lighter than you have imagined for yourself.

3. Realize Midway

It is not a good idea to realize midway through the coloring process, which you will require more dye to get full coverage. Always over estimate the number of boxes you will require. Buy at least a box more than you think will be required.

4. Prepare up before you Start

Now, that you have chosen your color and bought your color boxes, it’s time to prep up before you start applying the color. Make sure all the split ends are removed. They look worse after coloring. Wash your hair a day before you dye your hair. Ensure you have conditioned enough to retain the moisture to make up for the loss that happens at the time of dyeing. Washing hair on the day of coloring is not recommended.

5. Test Drive

A test drive before Hair Coloring is important. A color lock shampoo is an essential asset to use. Every time you shampoo, you lose a bit of the shade. A color lock shampoo ensures you have lesser damage too. Apply the new color on a small area before deciding to apply it all over. Sometimes it is possible that the brand or components may not suit your hair, or may damage your hair to a great deal. It is also possible, that the skin on scalp reacts badly with the chemicals in the dye.

6. Avoid Swimming

Chlorine has bleaching properties. It may react with your hair and decrease the duration of the color’s life span on your hair. Ensure you have a silicone cap or avoid swimming completely.

7. Avoid Other Excessive washing

Excessive washing, pollution and sun are boosters to reduce the life span of your hair color. Other than that, the chemicals holding the color may react with few of these elements to bring about a damaging effect to your hair. Make sure you avoid these as much as possible.

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