7 Quick Holiday Beauty Tips and Tricks at Home

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When it is holiday time we take too much care on beautifying our house, inviting relatives, friends and loved ones, decorating and cooking! In all this we forget the one thing we celebrate holidays for- that is to look beautiful. If after all the efforts you put on the organization you these Holiday Beauty Tips and Tricks make you look beautiful and gorgeous.

Holiday Beauty Tips

Quick Holiday Beauty Tips That Will Keep You Highlighted:

1. Holiday Beauty Tips: The Swollen And Tired Eyes

If you are tired and your eyes give up. If they are ready to swell and take away all your looks, then they require a quick relief. Rub your hands and apply the warmth of the palms on the eyes. Another quick way for a relief is green tea. You may also apply some mashed potato on the eyes to soothe them. Not to forget the cucumbers, who have been eye’s friends for decades. If you had enough sleep then do not try sleeping anymore. That may puff out the eyes even more.

2. The Dress Accessories

Holiday Beauty Tips
Your new dress may be attracting a lot of attention. Or it may be the one you have been waiting to wear. A better tip is to accessorize your dress with jazzy stuff. Plan to put on a gold or silver scarf or fur. If you want to sport a big necklace, go for it. Plan to add bracelets and earrings to the look as well.

3. The Eye Makeup

Eye makeup for the Holiday Beauty Tips may make all the difference. Consider relaxing and soothing your eyes, before you apply your makeup. Apply eye foundation to even out the skin tones. Once that is done, go for contrasting eyeshades from the dress. Or you may want to try the smoky look. To go for the smoky eyes, smudge a little with fingers and then go for the liner to make a crisp outline.
Go for undertones, if you are heavily dressed. This will keep the eyes attractive, but not seek attention all the same. Go for a thick curled lashed mascara to increase the lusciousness of the eyes. You can also try a makeup that may make eyes pop. Go for a bright or color and outline.

4. The Lips Makeup

Go for dark or bright colors. Matte lipstick was considered to be a dull and artificial color in the past. Now the new matte colors are cream based and give a more silky and velvety look. If matte suits your dress, do not hesitate to apply it.

5. Hair Styles

Try cuffing your hair with bracelets, if possible. Go for decorative braids or high buns and adorn the hair with embellishments. You may want to go for the partition of bangs from the center to give a more casual look. You may want to go for artificial highlights on your hair for a quick result.

6. Do not Neglect your Nails

Choose standout nail colors or go for nail art which suits your dress and lips. If your nails can be embellished, they may add to the features of the dress and make it more elegant. Do not neglect your nails.

7. Holiday Beauty Tips: Choose Shiny Heels

Get a warm water dip a night before the Holiday Beauty Tips event. This calms and soothes the legs and helps exfoliate all the callous and dirt on the feet. If you plan to wear a short dress, plan to gloss them with a gloss or bronzer. You may also want to choose shiny heels or shoes which go with the occasion. Remember to remove your makeup after the event is over, however tired you may be.

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