7 Ultra Super Foods To Increase Body Muscles

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Losing weight may be tough but gaining weight is tougher. Eating healthy food and increasing your protein intake helps in building Body Muscles and gain weight. Larger amount of proteins is required for the Body Muscles builders that help in developing the body. You should also keep in mind that eating unhealthy foods like fried chiefs, processed foods and cookies will help building obesity rather than healthy muscle mass.

How To Improve Body Muscles?

Body Muscles

1. Yoghurt:

Yogurt will not make you fat unless you eat the right kind of flavor that matters for weight maintenance. The right time to grab a container of yogurt is within 60 minutes of your workout as per the famous nutritionist in the New York City. Most of us consume more than twice the amount of salt that is recommended, the potassium in yogurt will help to flush some of the excess sodium out of the Body Muscles. If you’re eating yogurt for protein intake then look for brand that provides at least 7 to 10 g per serving.

2. Real Peanut Butter with Body Muscles:

Natural peanut butter is filled with proteins and fats. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter contains around 100 calories and up to 5 g of protein. If you are hungry bodybuilder then you will need about 3000 cal a day and peanut butter can easily supply to your body without hurting your pocket. Natural peanut butter is also high in magnesium, vitamins E, folate and potassium.
You can spread peanut butter over two slices of wheat bread in the morning, that add up your calorie level consumption. Most of the bodybuilder’s include walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, pinenuts and hazelnuts as their muscle building diet food.

3. Milk:

Milk is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins. One glass of milk contains about 4 g of protein and if you drink 2 classes of milk a day, then you have consumed about 10 g of protein. Try drinking whole milk rather than skim milk as they are rich in calories and high suppliers of vitamin A and D.

4. Potatoes:

One of the very first things the people do when trying to lose weight is to stop eating potatoes. They are rich in proteins and carbohydrates and help to put on weight and increasing Body Muscles easily. It’s good to eat potatoes with skin on for maximum nutrition as half of proteins are lost when you peel off the skin. Dieticians suggest that potatoes are a good food option to gain weight and to be a part of your foot diet.

5. Avocado:

These delicious fruits are from Central Mexico and are excellent source of healthy fats to the body. They contain up to 300 calories and are also rich supply of potassium, folic acid and vitamin E. Due to high calorie density Avocado is the best diet for people who want to gain weight and Body Muscles. Regardless of your trying to gain or maintain weight these fruits have major health benefits.

6. Pasta:

Pasta is a rich supply of cereal carbohydrates and is the best healthy high calorie meal. They can be prepared very easily and is delicious with calorie dense carbohydrates. One cup of pasta contains about 220 cal and 3 cups a day makes it 660 cal just from one source.

7. Whole Eggs Will Increase Body Muscles:

Body Muscles
Eggs contain vitamins like A, D, E and nutrition’s like sodium potassium and magnesium which are essential to the body. It is rich in protein and fitness trainers recommend egg whites in professional bodybuilding courses. An average egg contains about 70 cal, 6 g of protein and 5 g of fat. Recently an egg yolk has got a bad reputation because it is believed that it contains more of cholesterol which is a risk factor for heart disease. Actually it contains good cholesterol that helps to rebuild Body Muscles and reduces fat buildup in the heart.

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