5 Best Lip Care Products That “U” Should Try

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Lip Care Products: There is no rocket science when it comes to keeping your lips healthy and baby soft. All these Lip Care Products that make your lips beautiful with just one touch, for at least two times a week are easily found in your kitchen. They are inexpensive and they do wonders for your lips.

Few Of The Best Lip Care Products That Your Lips Will Love Are As Follows:

1. Vaseline

Vaseline is an all-rounder when it comes to beauty. Scrubbing a small amount of Vaseline on your lips with the help of a soft toothbrush is a great way clean out all the dry flakes and get rid of any kind of dryness. Applying Vaseline also keeps the lips soft and moisturized at all times. Keep a pocket sized Vaseline with you at all times.

2. Honey

Honey is natural Lip Care Product humectants and has moisturizing properties. Applying honey is not only delicious but really fruitful for the lips. Mix some olive oil in honey before applying to lips and let stay for 15 minutes. You can choose to talk or taste it. Honey also soothes the lips. Honey also has anti-bacterial properties. This helps clean out all the unwanted stuff.

3. Rose Water

Rose water has soothing properties. By applying rose water on lips the effect is really wondrous and helps make the lips pinker and softer. Apply a drop on lips before sleeping.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural relief. It helps de-tan and retain the softness of the lips. Apply some aloe vera to moisturize and to keep the lips healthy. Aloe vera also helps in removing the dryness of the lips.

5. Coconut Oil

Lip Care Products: Coconut oil is always for rescue. It helps soothe and relieve the lips. It has a good quantity of vitamins required for lips and helps retain moisture. Melt some crayons in coconut oil to make a lip color of your choice.

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