7 Bold Lip Makeup Ideas For Simple Eyes

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Bold lip Makeup or using bold lipsticks is a way to boost your confidence. You feel more confident because you have made a statement that is accepted by all and that you have managed to sport it well. Bold lips make you ready for any kind of occasion. It is easier to gel in a bold lip Makeup on any occasion. It goes well with any kind of dress, be it a saree or jeans. Studies show that bold lips make you feel younger instantaneously.

Here are the 7 Bold Lip Makeup Ideas:

Lip Makeup

1. Apply It With Style

There are lots of ways in which you can sport a bold lip. You may want to shade it or you may want to block it. You may apply gloss after applying the final color. Any way you apply, it is important to choose a shade that suits your skin tone. A hydrating lipstick which has the tendency to last longer is preferred. Blot the lips with a tissue paper to make the color stay for a longer period of time.

2. The Eyes

Whenever you are going for a bold lip makeup, make sure you want to minimize any kind of highlight in your eyes. This will make sure that the attention is only on one part and not distributed. Minimum makeup on eyes also ensures that the purpose of the bold lips comes out better.

3. Highlights Are Important But Subtle

If you are planning to secure the purpose of your bold lips, it is crucial to ensure your rouge is not overly done. Go for natural highlights for your cheeks and avoid bold colors for your cheeks. The more natural the blush, the better would be the effect on the cheeks.

4. The Pout

With a darker shade you can be really experimental with your approach. Start with moisturizing your lips and then using a liner to outline and fill in. Fill in the shade and blot using a tissue. Clean up any unwanted mess and you are good to go. The neater the shade, the better you look. Give that pout pose with confidence.

5. Go For Shaded

A shaded bold lip Makeup looks wow. Choose a dark and a lighter shade of the same color and enjoy shading your lips using a darker lip liner or blending in the color with a black lip liner. Whether it is red, pink, purple, burgundy or fuchsia, your lips will look like flower petals and absolutely stunning. Another way is to go Ombre. Start with the darker shade on the upper lip and go nude to the end of the lower lip by decreasing the intensity of shade. The look is new and is gorgeous.

6. Using A Mineral Based Eye Shadow

Blend in an eye shadow color with your lipstick and diffuse in with a lighter tone lip gloss. This gives a metallic overtone to the lips and the lips look fuller, bolder and thicker.

7. Pick Your Color

Pick a color which suits your skin tone. This will bring out the bold effect of your lipstick even better. So choose your color wisely, apply, smile and create the entire nuisance you wanted to create with that bold Lip Makeup look.

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