7 Quick & Long Hair Styles You Can Try In Minutes

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There are many ways to style your beautiful Long hair styles in a matter of minutes. So pull out some pins and a comb to do the job for you. What you get in return is the neat looking Long hair styles. Try a new one for every day of the week.

Long Hair Styles for Quick and Simple Way:

Long Hair Styles

1. Part Hair in the Middle:

Take a one in section from the front on both sides and pull it back. Secure the hair with a bobby pin. Enjoy!

2. One Side Twist Back:

part hair in the side. Twist up a one inch lock from the shorter side and pull it back. Secure your hair with a bobby pin.

3. The Half Up:

This one is a desirable and a favorite. You may have seen many doing this and wondered how to do it. It is as simple. Part hair on one side and pull the hair to the back of the head. Make sure you leave some lose lock in the front. Pinch the hair at the back to make it puff up a little. Push back from the other side and secure with a bobby pin.

4. Long Hair Styles With “Two Side Braids”:

Braid two small sections of the hair (parallel to each other) and pull them back. Secure with a bobby pin. This looks great and gives an appearance of a crown.

5. Long Hair Styles With “Fishtail”:

Partition your hair depending on the position of the braid. Start from the top by picking small portions and alternating them in criss cross fashion. Keep piling up the hair that gets added with every lock added to the next iteration. The fishtail looks beautiful.

6. Long hair styles with “Waterfall braid”:

This looks very classy. It is basically lose French braid which gives an appearance of a waterfall. Start with long hair from the top side of the head and braid with hair like you would do for a French braid. Keep the braiding loose and tie at the bottom.

7. Long Hair Styles With “Braided Bun”:

This bun looks super cool. Combining the techniques of braiding and forming a bun, it gives a texture and dimension to the end result. Braid your hair and roll it up into a bun. Secure your hair with bobby pins.

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