7 Best Natural Hair Care Products

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For an Indian beauty, a gorgeous looking hair is primary concern. You can apply all the cosmetics but you cannot beat the “desi” treatments and “dadi ma ke nuskhe”. Here are some great Natural Hair Care mixes and combinations which you can try at home with materials which are easily and always available in your kitchen.

Here are a few Natural Hair Care products for great looks and specific problems:

Natural Hair Care

1. Olive Oil And Lemon For Itchy Scalp

In extra virgin olive oil squeeze lemon. Massage into hair for some time. Olive oil is not only relieving but also relaxing. It nourishes the scalp and hair roots. Lemon prevents itchiness and dryness of the scalp. Leave the oil on hair for a few hours and wash. You may also apply it overnight and wash hair in the morning. Caution; do not step in the sun with lemon applied on hair, unless you wish to turn them blonde.

2. Avocado Conditioning Mask For Frizzy Hair

Avocado is a rich Natural Hair Care source for fatty acids. Mash avocadoes. You may mix egg yolks or mayonnaise to bring shine to your hair.

3. Eggs And Lemon For Super Conditioning

Eggs are rich in protein and are Natural Hair Care conditioners. To soothe the scalp you may add lemon juice. In a bowl mix egg and squeeze lemon. Apply to hair for 15 minutes and wash. Eggs moisturize and remove unwanted oils.

4. Bananas For Shiny Smooth Hair

Bananas are potassium rich and contain essential vitamins for hair growth. The cleansing properties of banana impart rich and smooth texture to the hair. Mash and apply to hair and wash after 15 minutes. You may add coconut oil to improve the results.

5. Milk And Honey Mask For Sun Damaged And Dry Hair

Milk is known for its nourishing properties and honey is a natural sun screen. This combination will surely help and relieve you from sun burnt and damaged hair due to pollution. You will never feel the need for expensive chemical treatments which have adverse effects later.

6. Yogurt Mask For Dull Hair

Yogurt or sour curd has is a natural cleaner. To get rid of dandruff or to bring shine to dull hair, yogurt is the best Natural Hair Care Product. Add honey for better results.

7. Herbs – Reetha, Hibiscus And Henna

Henna is a natural conditioner and provides a rich hair color. When reetha, egg, amla and hibiscus is added to henna, applied for an hour and washed, the results are outstanding. This has been used by Indians from a very long time. It improves hair growth and the hair volume increases naturally. Amla also has known as Natural Hair Care Product Add it just before applying the mixture, for even better results.

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