7 Tips To Wear Off The Shoulder Tops

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Off the shoulder tops share a moment of glory again. They have been very popular in the 80s in United States. Now that they have found their way back to fashion, the whole world celebrates them together. You do not have to be tribal every time you wear off the shoulder tops.

Plus Size off the Shoulder Tops: Tips for How to Select and Wear off the Shoulder Tops

Off The Shoulder Tops
Here are a few tips that make you wear your off the shoulders with a difference and lot of style.

If You Are New:

Then start off with solid colors. You do not want to be over conscious because of the printed ones if you are not certain of the style. Accessorize with big necklaces and bracelets. Carry a jacket with this style in case you feel conscious.

The Shorts Route:

Off the shoulder tops always look great with shorts. If you feel you have too much exposure of skin, you could cover up some skin with boots and scarves. You may want to go the mid waist vintage shorts with your off the shoulder tops. Sling on a small messenger bag.

For Broad Shoulders:

It is not a taboo to wear off the shoulder tops if you are broad shouldered. There are several ways to handle your broad shoulders. You may want to wear a thick strapped vest inside that covers some of that bare shoulder and gives a more elegant look. You may want to hide some of those shoulders with open hair.

For Long Necks:

Accessorize. If you have a long neck then you could pair up your off the shoulder tops with scarves and necklaces. You may want to wear a tote or a bag that may make you feel more comfortable.

Skirts Affair

Off the shoulder tops look great with skirts. If you are going to a party, then pair them up with a mini leather skirt and high heels. Accessorize minimally with accents. Layer it up with a trench coat. If you are out for a casual day outing or shopping, a fit and flair skirt looks great. Go for contrasting colors of white, beige colors if you are going for a formal occasion. A peplum off the shoulder top may look great with a fluffy skirt or a tulle skirt. Do not forget the power of a solid dark color off the shoulder top with a contrasting light colored maxi skirt.

With Pants:

Off the shoulder tops look extremely great with lose pants. Full pants can be complemented with a crop off the shoulder top where you may want to show off your belly button along with the shoulders. Accessorize with minimum accents. Go for printed tops like checkered patterns or polka dots and plain loose trousers.


Long or short with drawstrings, off the shoulder tops go great with denim jeans. Go with the latest torn jeans and flowery off the shoulder tops with drawstrings. Black or white peplum off the shoulder tops with denim jeans looks absolutely classy. You may add a small clutch and heels with the dress.

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