7 Simplest Ways to Know If You are Overweight

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Facts reveal that the advent of fast food and its exposure to children has been a disaster, especially in the cities getting Overweight. Far worse are the results on adults, who have not only reduced their physical activities but also increased consumption of unhealthy food and an unbalanced diet. 60% of kids in New Delhi are obese. If you are above 25 and elders are concerned about you not having a tummy yet, feel relieved.
There is also no relation between you being recently married and you putting on Overweight. Heart diseases and type 2 diabetes are common risks related with overweight. If things are still in control, then prevention is always better than cure. Risks increases with every pound, but it also decreases one pound at a time.

Here Are A Few Ways To Know Overweight In Adults Problem:


1. The Obvious Body Mass Index (BMI) Test:

People with different builds tend to have a different standard of acceptable weight. Divide your Overweight (in kg) by the square of your height (in mt). An ideal (normal) BMI is 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m. If you are slightly above this mark, you have just begun to weigh over. If you are significantly above this range then you must be concerned. Higher the BMI, higher the risks to health.

2. Waist Circumference:

In men, if the waist circumference is more than 94 cm, it is a starting point to be alarmed. A waist circumference of more than 102 is not good! For women, 80 cm and above is the beginning of health risks. 88 cm and above, the risk is higher.

3. Clothes:

if your wardrobe is running short on your size and you consistently need a bigger size of clothes at regular intervals, you are gaining weight or Overweight. If the gain is frequent, then you are on your way to being overweight.

4. Scale:

The simplest way to know if you are overweight is through your measuring scales. Compare your current reading with your reading in the past. You are the best judge of understanding how much you have put on and whether it is good for you or dangerous.

5. Extra Fat Around The Waist:

Wear your favorite dress and you see you have lost the curves. Those muffin tops look ugly and you have been ignoring them or consoling yourself that there is something wrong with the mirror. Pinch those extra ‘tires’ and see how much extra fat you have accumulated around your waist with all the hard work of sitting and eating and lack of physical exercise. If you can pinch up a bigger mass it is time to put on a pair of shoes.

6. Lethargy And Laziness:

The unhealthier you become, the more lethargy and laziness surrounds you. You want to take an elevator to the first floor. You feel that there is no harm in eating that cheese burst pizza for the last time before you start your routines. You want things to come to you than you going to them. You are not drinking enough water. This means fats in your body are not getting enough resources to be broken down. All these symptoms may be the stepping stones to health risks.

7. Overweight Of Sugar And Caffeine:

If you are a sweet tooth and cannot control your cravings. If you can be relieved from stress by coke or a tumbler full of coffee, you are swallowing weight gain boosters. You are certain to Overweight if you have long working hours at one place.
Too many ifs may just not be enough. There is a way to answer a no to all ifs. The starting point is to have resolved already.

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