7 Best Party Dresses to Wear Look Sexy

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Party Dresses: It’s party time and you have already had a chat with your friend, sister or relative. You have known what they are going to wear and that confuses you. You want to look better than them at any cost. Alas! You feel they are much more in shape than you are.

Party Dresses For Teens: Top 7 Party Dressing Tips

Party Dresses
Tragedy! You have already confused yourself and the party begins in a few hours. If you are going to a festival or family function, you know a saree will always suit you. If you are going for a western party make sure you know how to dress up for your shape type.

1. The Straight Body Type:

Party Dresses
This means your measurements for the tops and bottoms are even. The bust and hips are basically the same size. The waist is just a bit smaller than the bust and hips. Go for kaftans with split at the waist, or party dresses with simple straight lines. You can also try the empire lines or uncluttered lines. Choose a lower or broader neckline and puffy sleeves or rolled up sleeves.

2. The Oval Body Type:

Party Dresses
Usually bulging in the waist and slimmer busts and waist. Go for tops with nipped or belted waists, wrap styles, or tops with vertical details. Tops with flare at the hip are also a good option. Look for flare bottoms to minimize your lower body appearance. Go for party dresses with wrap-arounds and flare at the bottom. Peplum always goes well.

3. Party Dresses for Pear Body Type:

Party Dresses
Usually wider hips than the shoulders make a pear shaped body. If you own such a body then try to wear something that focuses attention upwards. Embellish your dress around the neck as it attracts attention and takes attention away from the lower body. Layer the garments on the top half. An A line dress will never go wrong with a pear body type. Keep the hems of lower garments wide.

4. The Spoon Body Type:

 Party Dresses
If you have a spoon body type then you are similar to a pear body type party dresses you need to wear. The difference is that you may have a slightly rounded stomach with slender hips which widen at the thighs. Go for party dresses similar to the pear shape and embellish the tops. Try our skirts which are concealing and put on some eye catching accessories. An empire cut will be suitable for this body type.

5. Party Dresses for Hourglass Body Type:

Party Dresses
The hourglass body type comes with several flaunting advantages. With slim and equal shoulders and hips, and really slim waist you are a proud owner of an hourglass body type. You may flaunt those curves with a wrap or bias cut shift dress, empire line dresses and knee length hemline party dresses. Any neckline would look good.

6. The Inverted Triangle Body Type:

Party Dresses
A larger upper half and a smaller lower body makes you possess an inverted triangle body type. Go for simple straight lines, shift dresses or a line dresses. Tiered skirts or skirts with pleats are a great option.

7. The Diamond Body Type:

 Party Dresses
Party dresses: If you have a tiered body with increasing measurements as you go from shoulders to the lower part of the body then you own a diamond body type. Wear lines dresses or straight lose fitting party dresses which may draw attention away from the tummy. Tight fits may not be a good option.

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