Top 7 Favorite Party Hair Styles you Look Beautiful

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Top 7 Favorite Party Hair Styles:

You can never be on time for a party. Your husband, boyfriend, brother and father may have the same complains. Here are a few Party Hair Styles to make your hair look gorgeous in the parties without taking too much time. You can spend all the time you save for makeup and dressing up.

1. The Elegant Twisted Undo:

This requires some amount of bobby pins. Comb your Party Hair Styles. Take a few strands from the upper most layer and twist it. Curl it up using your fingers and secure with a bobby pin. Do the same with all the layers as they come. This gives a flowery texture to the Party Hair Styles and a bun like appeal. Adorn with a hair piece. Ensure you roll up the hair at different heights to give a flower like look.

2. Party Hair Styles with “Tuck and Cover”:

Use a head band. Wear it with the embellished part on the forehead. Coil the hair layer by layer and tuck them neatly under the band once the elastic side of the band is completely covered. This gives a very Gatsby look and looks great.

3. Party Hair Styles with “Split and Knot”:

Split you hair in the middle. Tie a knot between the two parts. Tie another knot and twist the bun. Tuck in securely with a hair pin. Embellish with choice.

4. Party Hair Styles for “Quick Curls”:

If you are running late, then this is a lifetime hack you will enjoy. Tie a high pony, right on the top of the forehead by accumulating all the hair. Bend your head and curl your hair. Open the pony and you are ready with all the curls you wanted.

5. Half Tuck and Cover:

With a side partition put on hair band. Coil hair around the rear part of the band to cover it all. Leave the remaining strands of hair open. Enjoy the appreciation you receive from everyone at the party.

6. The Twisty Bun:

Start with two pony tails with middle partition. Tie them a little high. Braid the two pony tails after tying. Criss-cross the two strands until you get a twisty bun. Embellish and rush for the party. You can even do it in the car.

7. Party Hair Styles for “Perfect Pony”:

Curl your hair. Pull in two thick strands of hair from both the sides and secure with a bobby pin. Let the remaining curls fall under the tuck. The look is elegant and beautiful.

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