Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
At, preservation of your privacy as visitors to our website is our primary concern. This privacy policy provides detailed explanation on ‘how, what, when and why’ of information that you share with us, when you visit our website. This information may be your personal data that you provide or we collect to serve you better.
• Your information and your privacy
 ‘What’ we collect
To run and maintain our website, we usually collect the following information from you
1. Information that comes to us automatically when you visit our site. This includes data traffic, location data, demographics and other communication data. This also includes the pages you have already viewed or any of our website resources you have utilized.
2. Information that you provide when you register with us, seeking any information from us or making purchases.
3. Information that you provide when you communicate with us by any means. This may be any feedback forms on our websites or via email us.
4. Details you provide to avail any kind of subscriptions we offer.
5. We may collect your identification in the form of name, address, nationality or contact information.
 ‘Why’ we require this information and ‘when’ we use it
The purpose of information gathered by you is to serve you better. The following points state other reasons and occasions when we utilize your personal information
1. To provide our most appropriate information and services based on your data and interests. This is made easier by filling the surveys we provide or any areas of interests shared by you.
2. Products and services will be shared personally with you only when you request or consent to receiving this information.
3. Any updates and additions made to our websites are immediately informed to you, using your contact information, if any.
4. To gather any statistics and demographics data we require for our internal analysis.
 How we Store your personal information
It is possible that the information may be stored and processed outside our own country based servers. By sharing your information you agree to transference, storage and processing of this information. We do our best to keep your data and information secure.
Sadly, sharing personal information on the internet is not completely secure. There may be occasions when this information can be compromised. We take no guarantee on the security of information when you share it voluntarily. Sending such information is entirely at your own risk.
 Non-disclosure
Any information sent by you shall not be disclosed by us to anyone except on the circumstances given below:
1. When we sell our entire business to some other buyer.
2. In likely prospects of a merger between two websites.
3. When law demands disclosure of your personal information for any legal engagements.
4. For fraud protection to reduce risks of fraud.
 Access to your information that we store
You have the right to access all your information which you provide to us. You can demand any information which you have shared with us. You must verify your identity before we share the information, to ensure we do not compromise with the identity.
• Use of cookies
Cookies are used to provide information of the computer used by the visitor. This information is required by us to improve our website. Information about your general internet use is gathered by us through cookies. Cookies not include personal information or identification of any sort.
This is used to gather statistics of the frequent internet usage and areas of interest. Cookies saved in cache are completely the discretion of the websites you visit. They are saved in the computer’s temporary folders. You may choose to discard or erase these cookies at your wish, by adjusting the settings on your computer. Advertising sites collaborating with us may use cookies. We do not have any control over this. Cookies downloaded could have automatically happened, when you click on the advertisements on our websites. We do not hold any responsibility for the use of cookies by our advertisers.
• Third Party Links
There are many instances where we provide reference to third party links. Visiting these websites is totally at your discretion. The privacy policies of the third party links may differ from our own. We are not responsible for any information you share voluntarily on those links.
• Privacy Policy Changes
It is important for you to review our privacy policy regularly as we are continuously developing. Due to developments and progress we may update the policy as required. Any updates in the policy ignored by you, does not hold us responsible or hold us liable for any inconvenience.
• Contact Us
You are free to contact us for any information or clarifications using our contact information on our ‘Contact us’ page. We also appreciate suggestions and feedback from you.