7 Delicious Breakfast Recipes For Weight Gain

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Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the nutrients responsible to help you maintain and gain weight. Protein and recipes for weight gain carbohydrates help in muscle gain. Protein and fats help us maintain them and protein with veggies help in losing fat. From this we understand that the primary motive of gaining weight is to reduce fat and to gain muscle. Once we have gained enough muscle we must know how to maintain it.

Delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Gain That You Need To Try For Weight Gain:

Recipes For Weight Gain
Fish, chicken breast, Salmon, Greek yogurt, egg whites, protein powders, lentils, lean ground beef, buffalo etc. are rich sources of proteins. Oatmeal, sweet Potatoes, rice, beans, berries, wheat etc. are a rich source of carbohydrates. Edible oils, nuts, Avocado, egg yolk etc. are a rich source of fats. It is highly recommended that if we intake enough carbs for breakfast, we must complement it with enough proteins for lunch. To gain weight we must also make sure we are consuming the rich components daily for at least one to two months. This is the optimum time for results to be seen.

1. Granola, Greek Yogurt, Berries And Nuts:

If you are a lover of variety when you are eating, this combination makes a great treasure. These components altogether contain around 800 calories which not only boost your recipes for weight gain plan but also give a great kick start to your day. Brazil nuts, figs, raisins and almonds are few of the nuts you could choose. Add blueberries or raspberries among berries.

2. Oatmeal:

Recipes For Weight Gain
Oatmeal is said to contain around 400kcal per 100g. You may top it with peanut butter, milk, nuts, fruits, dried fruits, cottage cheese or Tuna to add on the calories. You may want to replace oatmeal with mixed dried fruit muesli.

3. Omelets And Scrambled Eggs:

An Omelets is a complete package providing you all that you need to gain weight. Fats and proteins are in plenty. If you are too conscious of cholesterol levels, leave out the egg yolk. Combined with multi grain bread, not only makes it tastier but adds carbohydrates required just for the day. You may also go for cheese omelets or French toasts as an alternative to omelets.

4. Paneer, Makkhan and Milk:

Paneer is a healthy option to help you gain weight. It tastes delicious and can be combined with veggies to make really delicious recipes. You may go for a Paneer sandwich or a Paneer roll. Clarified butter with a Paratha is another great source of essential fats and carbohydrates. A heavy breakfast like such is a big booster to the day. You can make your parathas with ‘Desi Ghee’. Add a glass of milk on the sides. Try this for alternate days for at least 2 months for noticeable results.

5. Weight Gain Shakes:

If you work out regularly, then adding protein to your diet will surely increase the muscle mass in your body at the same time reducing fats. A whole milk combined with bananas, rolled oatmeal, protein powder and egg is a delicious healthy milk shake you may easily consume every day. Add peanut butter or apples as per your choice.

6. Other Weight Gain Beverages:

We must know that fluids intake is equally important. Proteins and fats impart some heat to our bodies; hence we must ensure we are taking enough fluids to keep moving. You may go for fresh fruit juices or olive oil with flax seeds to create your own delicious drinks to consume for breakfast.

7. Recipes For Weight Gain -Bread:

A whole grain bread is rich in carbohydrates and sufficient to kick start your day. Make a grilled sandwich with the choice of your veggies, cheese, and choice of meat or egg. There are a million options which go with Bread. Include mayonnaise, cheese with bacon or add Paneer and tomatoes with lettuce. The choice is entirely yours.

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