5 Fantastic Ways To Rock Red Lips

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Red is in! Rekha sported the dark ones and Alia sports the neon ones. Red Lipsticks have never been out of fashion since eternity. Whether they make your lips feel like a rose petal or they make your lips look seductive – They have always been the hot favorite for women. Red lips have always added glam to all the ramps and the parties. If you are wearing a black dress or a red one or a white one, you stand tall, confident and attractive. If you fail to apply the red on your lips properly, the lips may look patchy or unattractive.

There Are Several Ways In Which You Can Rock Red Lips:

red lip
1. The traditional way is to use a liner of the same color as your red lipstick. Prepare your lips by cleaning them and applying a foundation. Outline using a lip liner and fill in my blending the liner using a cotton swap or an ear bud (not a used one!). Fill in the lips in an inwards pattern with the liner. Apply lipstick with a brush and gloss.

2. You can go for a dark red shaded bold lips look. Start by shading the lips with red. Go for a darker shade of liner brush on top of the color and fill in with the lipstick. Remove excess using a brush and apply darker shades on the left and right edges. Blend in using a lip liner and clean any kind of smudge on the face. Shaded red lips make a big difference on your looks and style.

3. It is important to choose a perfect red color which goes with your skin tone. Definitely, there are no rules to which shade you want to apply. But some shades will always look better than the others. If you have skin with cool, yellow undertones Darker shades and blood red color. They stand out and make your skin look more attractive. If you have skin with warm, pinker undertones, then go for bold red or maroons and wine red colors. They will always suit you. A cherry or crayon red will also be a good option.

4. Red with orange blending is also a gorgeous standout. Start with the outer edges of the lips painting them red. The inner needs to be orange. Blend in both the colors to get a beautiful result. You can enjoy jealous eyes in your party or shopping mall.

5. Blot your lipstick with a tissue once you have applied the red lipstick. This helps keep the lipstick from smudging. When you are pressing your lips to blend in the color, put a thumb in between your teeth to avoid the red color being transferred to the teeth.

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