4 True Arts of Red shade lipstick

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Malicious, delicious or suspicious, red lips are always admired. They are being envied or they are being criticized, but they have never been out of fashion. The first use of color to paint lips was using red color with the help of natural products. Red shade lipsticks have a seductive history and a vampire history. They have a history which comes from eating Paan and they have a history from our beloved Rekha! Now that there are a gorgeous million shades of red available in the market on different brands, it is important to understand the true art of red lips.

Here You Can Find The Red shade lipstick:

1. If you are planning to choose a red lipstick for you decide on the following two questions: What is your skin tone and what look do you desire – bold or bright? If you have warm skin tone with yellow overtones then blood reds and nearby shades are recommended. If you have more of pink undertones then darker reds, wine and maroon shades are recommended. If you choose bright, then go for neon or cherry red colors which will suit you better.

2. Let’s start and help you find out the best suited red lipstick shade for you. We start with your skin tone – If you are fair then red shade lipstick with pinkish hues are most appropriate for you. For a beige shade shades from the berries or the classic red colors will bring out the best red lips for you. If you are trying to look more casual then a cherry or cranberry shade looks much better. Let’s go down a skin tone to more olives and medium tones. For such skin colors, maroons and browner shades of red do wonders. They pop out and give an instant classic touch to your face. For a brown skin or caramel complexion true red with browns and oranges will be the best buy option. For a dark skin, burgundy or wine red make an inevitable beautiful choice.

3. Next let’s decide the texture of the lipstick. You want to be really certain about the texture or shade of the red lipstick you want to choose. Matte, cream based or glossy is a set of few options. For best results go for shades which suit the makeup you are applying. For darker skin tones, matte is a great option. Go for cream based with medium tones. Fairer shades of skin can enjoy gloss. Gloss usually goes with all skin shades.

4. When applying red shade lipstick make sure you choose a lip liner which is a shade darker than the color you wish to apply. Outline and fill in using the lip liner and top it with the actual lipstick. Blot, powder and apply another coat of red. This will make the lips look richer, red and luscious. Before smacking your lips together, press your thumb between the lips to avoid lipstick from smudging into your teeth.

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