7 Silly Mistakes To Avoid While Running For Weight Loss

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Want to lose weight..? Then start running, don’t walk. says one of the wealth management experts in US. Once you start a Running For Weight Loss habit, then it’s important to maintain a consistency. Running once or twice a week does not help you lose weight; it has to be at least 4 – 5 times a week for better results.
We often end up giving excuses saying I don’t have time, too tired, too cold outside, and busy with my kids and so on when it comes to running.

Advisable Tips Effective Running For Weight Loss, As Per Expert’s Advice:

Running For Weight Loss
1. Do Tell Others About Your Running Plan:
It’s a good idea, to share your desire with your friends and family about your Running For Weight Loss. It makes you more accountable on your own commitment. At times we start running with good intention and motivation, but it’s difficult to maintain the timetable when it comes to our own busy schedules. To avoid this excuse you let others know about your plan, so they keep reminding you.
2. Do Keep A Running Track:
You can maintain a running log, and keep recording your regular workouts and running time. This helps you keep a tab on your daily exercises and remind yourselves to check how far you have succeeded. Once you progress, you can proudly share it with your friends.
3. Do Wear Loose-Fitting And Light-Colored Clothes::
Running is a good habit but you need to ensure to wear loose fitting clothes, which allow body temperature to escape. Do not wear any cotton clothes, it makes you more sweat and does not help your body cool faster.
4. Do Join A Running Group:
This is something you should do, if you hate running alone. This helps you beat your loneliness and build a rapport with good friends. Sometimes you even forget that you’re running, when you are in some funny or interesting conversations.
5. Do Run At Your Normal Pace:
You need to ensure that you have to run at the pace, that your body is comfortable with. Do not run at other people’s pace, and get discouraged as you can’t keep up with them. You have to restrict the pace that your body can accept, anything more than that could affect your body cycle and make you tired.
6. Do Carry Cold Water:
Drinking cold water while or after running is good, as our body absorbs and releases cold water quicker than warm water. When you’re running in hot weather it makes you feel cooler psychologically; and beat the heat waves from the body.
7. Do Stretch After Running:
Running For Weight Loss: This is one of the greatest tip on the dos and don’ts of running. You have to cool down your body and make it relax by stretching out your legs, calves, hamstrings and abs as well after running or jogging. All these muscles take good beating when you run, and needs physical stretch once you finish.

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