7 Key Strategies For Running To Weight Loss

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Running is difficult, but when you adopt it, then you love it. People who jog or run regularly sleep better at night and can beat depression and anxiety. It also makes your body fit and build your muscles.

Below Is A List Of Things That Experts Recommend, To Follow When You Start Running:

1. Don’t Wear Comfortable Shoes:

Our body runs on a concept: use it or lose it. If the muscle of your foot is supported by external source, like wearing comfortable shoes then some part of your foot muscle is not doing its job. This makes your foot weaker as it fails to do its framework of job during running. Try wearing shoes that offer minimal support to these muscles, and help building them naturally.

2. Don’t Push Yourself Hard:

Always run at the speed that your body is comfortable with. Some of us think, running hard makes lose weight faster and leave us on a disappointing note, when it doesn’t. Start running at a slow pace as it doesn’t stress your body; slowly you can increase the speed as the days pass by.

3. Don’t Rely On Treadmills To Run:

Treadmills can only help you build muscles effectively, but for effective running you have to jog outside. If you run on treadmill, then there is no action on your back muscles of your legs, as treadmill does the moving job. But when you’re running outside, your back muscle should take care of this section.

4. Don’t Run When You’re Dehydrated:

Drink enough water before you start running. Hydrated body gives more energy and strength to run, and keeps you fresh all day. There are instances where people have fainted or vomited, when they get dehydrated.

5. Don’t Wear Headphones:

Avoid wearing headphones when running outdoors, as it makes you more vulnerable for accidents and thefts. Listening to music or radio on your headphones can tune you out of your current surroundings, and could prove fateful when you’re running on new streets.

6. Don’t Find Excuses:

Once you adopt running as one of your weight loss measures, then it is important that you need to follow it. We often end up finding excuses like bad weather, being tired, busy schedules or early meetings to skip our exercises. You are forced to be regular on your running track, in order to reap the best benefit out of it.

7. Don’t Run At Wrong Posture:

Running: You need to always keep your head up, and look forward when you run or jog. You have to enjoy the feel of wind, against your face. Keep your body free, shoulders erect, keep your knees low and your arms in freestyle. That ensures all parts of your body is moving correctly and doing its job.

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