5 Tips for Sexy Lips

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Lips are a beautiful natural jewel provided to us by birth. They help define our face and our looks. Mostly, women all over the world adorn and color lips to look attractive. Lip coloring techniques have evolved from coloring using natural products to the introduction of basic colored lipsticks. At present, we have grandeur of shades available in the market to make use of. There are shades available for all skin colors in the market.

you can pick the one matches to your sexy lips:

Sexy Lips

1. Lip Balm Addictions

Lip balms are a bane. If you are addicted to lip balms, then it is time to realize that lip balms are actually making you addicted to them. They work temporarily on the lips, to moisturize them for a very short duration. This makes you want to apply it again and again. In case, you stop applying the lip balm it will chap your lips even more.

2. Vaseline

Use a soft toothbrush to scrub off the lips with Vaseline every day. This helps clean out all the dirt and tan, which keeps your sexy lips soft all time. It also cleans the rough patches on the lips and keeps the lips completely moisturized for a long time. Undoubtedly, Vaseline is a girl’s best friend.

3. Massage And Scrub

Keep your lips exfoliated and massage using Vaseline or a mixture of honey and olive oil. Massaging keeps the lips soft. Massaging helps in making the lips fuller and plumper. The easiest sugar scrub is one which you can make using sugar and coconut oil. Apply this solution daily for pinkish and sexy lips.

4. Go For Ombre

Ombre means using a shade from dark to gradually converging to light. This has been a trending look which can be seen frequently. The look is absolutely stunning and highlights the inner portions of the lips, to give them a more natural look. You may use a black lip pencil before applying the color of your choice. This will help smudge the color to a darker color to give it an Ombre look.

5. Natural Is Sexy

While red and artificial lip colors are tremendous contributors, to make your sexy lips ever hotter. Also peach and pink shades go extremely well, with blue and black eye makeup or with smoky eyes. Contrasting dark eye shades with natural colors give a beautiful and sexy look. You can go ahead and try different shades and mix them to create the best suited lips for your occasion.

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