5 Ways to Make Beauty Your Shaded Lips

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Two shaded lips and metallic lips are in trend and hot favorite. They not only add depth to the lips but also add a classic touch to them. Now you can blend in your favorite shades or gradient them from light to dark. You can spice them up with bright shades or you can play subtle with the classic ones. You may want to jazz them up with some metallic touch or you may want to go completely matte.

Here are a few ways in which you can achieve two shaded lips:

1. The Best Shaded Lips Makeup for Your Beautiful Skin -The Ombre:

Ombre is a single color or shade decreasing in intensity to lighter shade until white or close to white. Basically two Shaded Lips of the same color, one dark and one light blended to give a graduating color makes Ombre. There are many ways to achieve this. You can change the intensity of the same color or buy a dark and light shade. Blend them in to get a desired Ombre look.

2. The Matching Tones:

Mix and match pinks with red, blend them in. You may also want to go for oranges with red. Dark reds with purple or fuchsia make another great combination. Start with the darker outlines, merging into lighter shades in the inner Shaded Lips.

3. Three Tones From Edges:

Start with a darkest shade on the two edges, a lighter shade in the remaining outline. Fill in with the lightest Shaded Lips inside. This gives a better depth and gives an appearance of a color graduating to give a flower petal look. This works best with red colors.

4. The Wonders Of Eye Shadows And Glitters:

Apply a coat of shaded lipstick as told above. Dab a pinch of mineral based eye shadow in the eye and blend in with the next coat. You may apply a gloss on top of the final effect to give it a metallic texture. You may even apply the glitter in the lower lip and blend in the golden with the color on the upper Shaded Lips. This gives a metallic tinge to the lips. Finally blend in all the glitter with the help of a complementary gloss shade.

5. Highlighting:

Shaded Lips: Highlighting and finishing with a gloss is another great way to achieve that metallic look. Start with a coat of lipstick and blend in with a highlighting white color or nude shade in the center as two lines. Blend until the effect looks metallic enough. Coat with a thin line of color and apply gloss. The final Shaded Lips look is amazing.

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