7 Temporary Hair Color Spray to Use

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Before you want to experiment temporary hair color spray to your hair, be clear of your intent. You want to do it for fashion or just want to try. What happens when it becomes a necessity to you? Make sure you have your desires and goals clear. Temporary hair color spray once in a while is okay. But we must know that all temporary things come at a price. This however must not stop you from taking a look at few of the best temporary hair color spray available in the market. One good thing about temporary hair spray is that they do not contain ammonia. Hence they are safe to use for a short period and can then be washed off with a shampoo. We have to understand that temporary hair sprays are new in India so we are still catching up.

Hence, most of the temporary hair color spray are foreign brands below:

temporary hair color spray

1. Smart Beauty

This one is available easily on-line on shopping websites like eBay or amazon. Smart Beauty brings about temporary hair color spray from blue, pink, red, white or brown. This can be applied directly to the hair without any preparations. Apply in streaks or all over.

2. Streaks and Tips

“Streaks and tips” comes in multiple textures like glossy and matte. Now with your favorite color, go with the favorite texture. You can do temporary hair color spray highlights or full coverage. Apply a day before you go out.

3. Jerome Russell BWild

BWild comes in 6 different Temporary hair colors – all in their primary and Goudy colors. This is good for coloring for a day.

4. High Beams Intense

High Beams available in 22 different shades which include natural hair colors to artificial colors. The quality of results from this color is salon quality and it washes off with a shampoo.

5. Fanci-Full

Fanciful is the most used of all the temporary hair color spray. Mainly because of the color assortment it provides and its ease of use. The results with Fanci-Full are fantastic and satisfying.

6. My Secret Correctives Root Touch Up Spray

My Secret Correctives Root touch up spray is used to elongate the time duration between the two coloring sessions you require. It is good to tough up greying hair and retaining the color of the hair for a longer duration. It is odorless and does not have a damaging effect.


This is a product from India. BBLUNT comes in a choice of 4 different jazzy temporary hair color spray from blue to golden. This is introduced by Adhuna Akhtar, a celebrity hair stylist from BBLUNT salon in Mumbai. If you want to go for a night out with a Temporary Hair Spray, it is a cheap and fun alternative to going permanent.

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