8 Effective Tips for Computer Users

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Tips for Computer Users: Working for long hours in front of the computer may invite health risks. It is important to take care of our body, eyes, posture and health when sitting for long hours in front of the computer. Usually, the symptoms are not known and they may attack us immediately. You may be a journalist, an IT software engineer, a writer, a gaming person or anyone who uses computer user immensely, follow the useful tips given below. We are computer users, come on, but we ignore them or forget them with time. We have few tips for computer users on our fingertips but, we are still late in figuring out.

Here Are Few Advisable Tips For Computer Users:

1. The Way You Sit:

It is one of the important tips for computer users to sit up straight in front of the monitor. Keep the keyboard and mouse within easy reach at a place where there is no strain to the arms. Make enough space under the table for the legs to move freely. A footrest is a good idea.

2. The Posture

Our body is not built to sit in one single posture for long durations. It is important to take atleast 5 minutes break in every hour. This helps prevent fatigue and improves concentration. If you have been peeping in too closely by straining your neck or in a hunch without notice, then it is time for a check. The posture issues may result in serious lower and upper back pain, cervical pains or weakening of shoulder muscles.

3. How You Type:

Try not to keep the wrists on the desk. Keep your hands at level with the keyboard instead of bending the hands up and down by straining the muscles. It is important not to overstretch the fingers when typing or using the mouse.

4. How You Use the Computer Accessories:

Keep your computer accessories within reach to prevent any kind of overstretching.

5. Pain and Tingling:

If you feel pain and tingling in the fingers, headaches or backache due to prolonged use of computer, it is important to visit a doctor immediately and seek attention.

6. Lifestyle:

It is noted that sitting for long hours can reduce the life by 15 years. All the ladies who sit continuously for more than 6 hours every day are likely to die sooner, than their stipulated lifespan. It also accelerates the fat deposit on the lower torso and hips.

7. Vision:

One of the best tips for computer users – Set the monitor to avoid reflections. Take a break in every 5 minutes by looking right and left and doing some nominal eye exercise. Keep green leaves or indoor plants to relax the eyes by looking at greens. This prevents the eyes from going dry. Use a document holder to hide the screen from any unwanted reflections from light or windows. Pull down windows blinds if possible. Blink your eyes frequently instead of gazing continuously. Use a screen guard and anti-reflection glasses to prevent the harmful rays from the computer screen.

8. Exercise:

An advisable tips for computer users – Be regular with a physical activity of your liking and spend some time for workout atleast for 30 minutes every day. Cardio and strength exercises are important to keep muscle strength and retaining a good posture.

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