7 Natural Ways to Reduce Unwanted Hair Growth

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Who wants unwanted hair?

No one! And nature gives us plentiful! We humans, make some painful ways to remove them. The scientific reasons for hair growing in unwanted places are that they protect. They really protect! All the dust stays on the surface of the Unwanted Hair before dirtying your skin or causing infections. Yet, no one likes unwanted hair. To prevent reactions from the chemicals used in the beauty parlors, there are a few patient and natural ways to reduce the growth or to permanently get rid of them.

1. Potato Lentil Ayurveda Treatment:

Potato and lentils have great properties. The potato helps lighten skin color and hair color due to its bleaching properties. Lentils have rich proteins which nourish the skin. A mashed potato and lentil kept overnight is mixed with lemon juice and honey. Grind the lentil before mixing. Apply the mixture on your face and skin where you want to remove the Unwanted Hair. The hair color lightens tremendously and the skin color becomes lighter.

2. Banana Oatmeal Scrub:

Banana is rich in potassium and oatmeal has a gritty texture which makes a perfect paste. The paste is used to scrub on face and skin in circular motion. All the unwanted hair is slowly removed. Apply the mixture at least thrice in a week.

3. Sugar Lemon Honey Homemade Wax:

This one is the source of inspiration for wax we find in the market. The oldest hair removal ideas which women have been using for centuries. In a cup of sugar add a tablespoon of honey and lemon. Let the sugar crackle and melt in the double boiler until a waxy consistency is achieved. Use an ice cream stick to apply on affected areas and yank in the opposite direction.

4. Chickpea Flour Mask:

The traditional mask is made by using gram flour, milk cream, a bit of mustard oil and some water. The consistencies may differ. For hair removal make dough like consistency and rub on the skin in a direction opposite to the hair growth. This reduces hair growth with time and gives a glowing skin.

5. Raw Papaya:

Raw papaya is the most effortless way to remove skin place Unwanted Hair. Mash and mix a few spoon of turmeric powder. Apply to the face and skin. The results can be seen in 2 weeks if applied every day.

6. Onion And Basil:

Make a thick paste with onions thin membranes and basil. Apply the paste on face and skin. Treat your skin with this mixture for a few months by applying at least thrice a week to see the results. The Unwanted Hair from their roots.

7. Turmeric:

Unwanted Hair: Turmeric is a natural protector of the skin. Soak turmeric in water and milk mixture. Apply for an hour on the skin by blending the mixture into a smooth paste. The results can be seen in one or two months depending on the magnitude of hair growth.

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