7 Women Hair Styles You Must Try

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From the Chutila’s of Punjab to buns of Bengal, the plaits of Uttar Pradesh or the long plaits of Kerala, Indian beauty is never short of options for her beautiful black and long lush locks. Whether it be the Sadhna Cuts of the 70s or the tiny hair of Priyanka Chopra in 2010’s, the trending hairstyles have always been viral and a fascination for all Indian women.

Here Are A Few Beautiful Indian women Hair styles You Must Try:

Women Hair Styles

1. Gulab Juda Of Punjab

This is one of the traditional women hair styles of bun, gives an appearance of a rose on the back. The neatly tucked bun is a vibrance to look at. Embellish with a jewel of flower of your choice.

2. Punjabi Braid And Bump

A beautiful long hair, real or artificial tucked and braided with a big bump on the front looks gorgeous. Try it with a salwar suit or lehenga. Ladies with long hair are always blessed, to try different women hair styles

3. The Traditional South Indian Gajra And Embellished Braid

Go a little classy and traditional with beautiful and fragrant garland of ‘bela’ flower on the bump converging down to a long braid. Embellish the braid with jewels of your choice or keep it simple. Usually the bun is a little oversized and it gives a traditional look to your face.

4. The Decorative Buns

Women Hair Styles
Go for the small portions of hair twisted and curled to form a beautiful and voluminous look of a bun. They are decorative on their own and know as one of the best women hair styles. Small portions of hair on the sides are braided on both the sides. The braids are then wrapped around the middle portion to make a beautiful bun.

5. Half Up Do

Women Hair Styles
Curl up your hair and pin them on one side. Make a neat bun on the other side. Neatly embellish the neater side with flowers. The look is elegant, more contemporary and suits all occasions.

6. Retro Look

This is one of oldest women hair styles. We cannot forget the high bump at the back and the middle partition in the front. The high bump at the back in the form of a bun. Let some hair lose on both the sides to give a richer and fuller look. Embellish the middle partition with a maang teeka.

7. The Curled Tips

Trending tremendously you can never go wrong with this style. Bring out your hair iron and curl up to 2 inches of the hair with a center partition. You can put this Women hairstyle for casual purposes or embellish for parties.

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